Barre Fitness @ danceAbel Ballroom Studio

You don't need a ballerina's  flexibility to be able to take  class. The  ballet inspired stretching  and strengthening exercises will certainly help to increase your flexibility and posture.  Classes are focused  on being both flexible and strong, rather than just lifting weights at a gym 


What is Barre

At the Barre  is a high cardio, core driven dance fitness program that focuses on increasing your strength, flexibility, and and stamina. By combining elements from dance, cardio, strength training, muscle control and high energy music the result is a more challenging  and exciting class. 


Increase Muscle Control

The barre targets the largest muscle groups in the body (like the thighs and glutes). The larger the muscle, the more calories burned. As you continue, you will begin to build more lean muscle mass, raising your metabolic rate, which can help you produce more energy and burn more calories.


Low Impact

Don't struggle to catch your breath. Experience a low-impact class, meaning that it's gentler on your joints. Compared to high-impact workouts, barre is easy to stick with. A long-term commitment means better results over time

Every class is set to a pretty awesome playlist, to keep you engaged and encouraged the whole class.

Barre CLasses


In a rush? BarreXpress is for the Diva that wants a great total body workout in half the time, without giving up what you love most about barre class. Strength, balance, control, grace and sweat.


A lower body barre classes that focuses on your booty, core and legs. Create long lean leg lines and a booty that gets you all the stares


Be center floor while using your favorite ballet inspired movements. Be challenged with a total body class featuring strength, balance and body weight all set to a pretty awesome playlist.

Gentle Barre

A morning barre class that helps wake up your body and get your day started off right. With gentle ballet inspired movements, gentle, yet challenging yoga poses, your body will love the feeling of a great stretch. Great for beginners or active seniors.

What to bring to class

Yoga Mat

Bottle of water

Barre Socks

Wear comfy clothing