Become a DanceAbel Diva

We are not a gym..nope. Not at all. We are so much more.

We are a community of women ( and an occasional gentleman) who gather at the studio every week, not to be bodybuilders, but to be healthy, strong, loveabel, and unstoppabel. 

DanceAbel provides a place where you can strip away all the stress from your day. Let the music carry you away to far away places. A place where your friends are here to help you reach your goals. To love you, to support you, to provide a connection that you may be missing in your life. 

Here, when you walk in, everyone knows your name. You are not forgotten. You are welcomed. DanceAbel strives to be your home away from home. 

Benefits of being a DanceAbel Diva

  • Small Class Sizes

    • Specialized Trained Instructors

    • Personalized attention

    • Mix and Match Classes

    •  Affordable Drop in Classes

    • No smelly gym socks

    • Community is Amazing

    • Easy Scheduling

    • Easy to follow classes

    • and so much more.