Couples Night OUt

Feb 16 • Valentines Day

$50 a Couple

Includes: Dessert bar, mocktails/cocktails, chocolates, and dance workshop

A class favorite at DanceAbel Ballroom Studio, couples night out is the perfect opportunity to treat your sweetie to a night out on the town.

Twirl her around the dance floor, as each month, you are introduced to a different dance. DANCE WITH THE ONE YOU CAME WITH. 

You will not be asked to change or rotate partners during the beginner workshop. Instructors want you to connect with your partner and enjoy your evening together. 


You do not need any experience to join the class. Very beginner friendly, you will be shown the basic foundations of swing dancing along with a few dance steps.  People with two left feet are permitted. 


Children are not permitted in the ballroom/studio during this class.  All cell phones must be on silent or vibrate.  You can dress up fancy.. or come as you are. ( please no athletic wear)


Event Schedule

1:45pm- Doors Open for Registration

2:00pm-2:45pm- Dance Workshop

2:45pm-3:05pm- Social Dancing/ Socialize/Food Bar will be open

3:05pm-3:45pm- Dance Workshop 2

3:45pm-3:50pm- Video Recaps

3:50 pm-4pm- Goodnights.


Merengue Couples day