Wedding Dance Lessons


Your first dance as newlyweds is the one of the biggest, and most memorable moment of your wedding day. Let’s capture picture perfect dance floor moments to last generations.

Share your love story

Your song that you have chosen for your first dance carries alot of meaning for the both of you. Invite your guest to share in your love story as they watch it unfold through your first dance.

Twirl her with ease

Whether you are looking for a simple, romantic dance, or something to engergize your guests, your dance instructor will be with you every step of the way with easy to follow instructions that will have you twirling with ease, and feeling debonair on the dance floor.

Don't forget Mom and Dad!

Parents of the wedding couple love to be able to dance at their children's weddings. With special dances, like the parent spotlight, Mother/Son and Dad/Daughter, you can really make it a night no one in your family will ever forget.

Your instructor can create you a crazy upbeat dance, or Mom and dad can take a few lessons so they can shine on the dance floor, too.

Wedding Dance Packages

Each private dance lesson is 45 minutes.

Single dance lessons are $75.00 and include free consultation.

Payment plans are available for packages over $700.

Simple and Sweet…….$375

Bridal consultation, 5 private lessons, 1 group class for you or Mom and Dad, and 1 practice dance session

Add a little Sizzle……..$700

Bridal consultation, 10 Private Lessons, 1 group class for you or Mom and Dad, 1 practice dance session, and video diary

Get The Party Started…..$999

Bridal consultation, 15 private lesson, 1 group class for you or Mom and Dad, 1 practice dance session, and video diary.

Book your consultation, and get a free Wedding Dance Guide

A guide to help make your first dance amazing.

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