the danceAbeL Ballroom Studio ORIGIN Story

It all began with a gift certificate, and 4 ballroom dance lessons.

Coral Abel, ( The owner of DanceAbel) loved to dance, and was introduced to partner dancing during her childhood. Often times, her parents would take her along to their dance lessons, and Coral would watch, soaking up all she could, then would race to the ladies bathroom to practice what she just saw. Often times, during the dances, you could see Coral dancing by herself in the corner of the room. One day, her Dad took her out on the dance floor, and she was hooked.

Coral took a few years off from dancing, went to college, got married, and now has 2 beautiful boys, but she always felt that something was missing. Her Husband, knowing what would cheer her up, produced a gift certificate for ballroom dancing. After her first lesson, she was hooked. She went to competition, and soon made her way to becoming a teacher.

Seeing a need for something to do in Carroll County, Coral opened up her small studio on the square of Carrollton. After enjoying success, and buying her first home, the studio now resides in Minerva, Ohio.

DanceAbel Ballroom Studio has expanded from just ballroom dancing to offering fitness and nutrition classes, has a small dance store, and continues to inspire people to find joy and passion on the dance floor.