Group Classes


Beginner Group Classes

Featuring a small class size, this new dancer friendly class, will introduce you to different partner dances from around the world.

Each week, the dance changes, so you can try them all. The class meets every Friday Night at 7pm. No partner is required, and two left feet are permitted.


Mini Courses

Want to focus on learning just one dance?

A 4 week class that goes beyond the basic dance steps and allows you to build your dance repertoire with new dance steps, techniques, how to dance it to music, and how it all fits together.

Dances change monthly and meets every Monday and Wednesday nights at 7pm



Join the hottest dance club in Minerva with Club Dabs.

Members enjoy:

  • Unlimited ballroom group classes every month

  • Admission to studio dance parties

  • Discounts on Dance Studio

  • Discounts on workshops, and other events.